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"MINERAL PATHS" and the competitiveness of the tourist business

"MINERAL PATHS" ("Mineral Paths; Vacations and Nature with a blink") is a cross-border project with the main goal - the further development of tourism, tourist activities and competitiveness in the border regions of Bulgaria and Greece. Within the framework of the project is the creation of centers with a rich natural heritage.

Municipality of Mineralni Bani (Haskovo Region), Association "Savremie" Sandanski, Municipality of Miki (Region of Xanthi, Greece), Faculty of Philosophy of Southwestern University "Neofit Rilski" Blagoevgrad and Municipality of Yakoruda (Region of Blagoevgrad), consortium MINERAL PATHS (MINERAL PATHS), are project contractors. They are linked to the natural heritage of the springs gushing out of the ground in the respective areas and to a kind of "trails" along which tourists can travel from one area to another using a guidebook that includes various mapped spas. The "Mineral Paths" project is aimed at creating networks, building cooperation and popularizing the product - the mineral springs in the cross-border region. The focus of the collective actions is to develop the natural heritage with the development of spa infrastructures, so as to create a fertile ground for carrying out promotional activities in Bulgaria and Greece, thereby stimulating the interest of tourists. For this, it is necessary to create synergy in the field of tourism, entrepreneurship and training, aimed at tying price and quality, as well as positioning the network of mineral springs as a high-quality tourist destination oriented towards the sustainable development of tourism.

MINERAL PATHS is innovative because it creates a common basis for the formation of a new tourism product, ensuring the future cooperation between the various actors related to mineral springs.

The target groups of the "Mineral Paths" project are tourists, business managers and specialists in the field of tourism, persons employed in the tourist area, tourist associations, citizens of the tourist areas, the unemployed, ministries, regions and municipalities through the development programs.

The MINERAL PATHS project is successful and its results have a great impact, because the goals from both the Greek and Bulgarian sides are directed to the area of ​​the cross-border region, and not to one of the two countries separately.

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